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Enhance any room with the classic elegance of charcoal portraits

Charcoal portrait of a young man in charcoal.

Charcoal is a wonderful medium, which is capable of producing rich blacks, soft edges and subtle, lighter tones. Because the artist can easily move the charcoal around on the paper, he can achieve a spontaneous brushwork effect somewhat reminiscent of paint. The black & white nature of this medium provides a sophisticated look that works with any style of decor.

The proven longevity of charcoal

One of the oldest artistic mediums, charcoal was likely discovered shortly after fire! Charcoal drawings have been found on the walls of cave dwellings that are thousands of years old. So the medium itself is quite capable of longevity. Likewise, many of Da Vinci’s drawings still exist and paper has come a long way since his day. Modern day papers are not only acid-free, but they are also protected from harmful UV rays when framed with UV-blocking glass.

Archival Quality

I begin each of of my portraits on a high-quality, acid-free, heavy-weight art paper. Upon completion, the client will review the drawing and any necessary adjustments will be made. Once the drawing is approved, it is sprayed with a fixative to set the charcoal in place. It is then framed behind UV-blocking glass for long-term protection.

Charcoal portraits include a standard frame.

My charcoal drawings are delivered matted, framed and ready to hang. The standard frame is included in the price. The standard frame is very nice and most clients choose to keep it, however if you prefer to change the frame at a later date, you’ll at least have peace-of-mind knowing that your drawing is protected in the meantime.

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