Can you paint a portrait from my photo(s)?

If necessary, I can usually paint from client photos. In some cases, such as posthumous portraits, I have to depend on existing photography. However, I prefer to use my own photography for reference, combined with life study — when possible. There is more to painting a portrait than simply copying a photo. Sometimes, what may seem like a great photo to you, may not make the best reference for a painting.

Portraiture is a process of capturing, in a work of art, someone’s likeness, persona, their character and mannerisms. It helps to meet the person, spend some time with them in a sketch or photo session and then compose a picture of the person — portraying them in their best light.

Commissioning art is a big decision. What if I don’t like it?

I work closely with the client throughout the process. The client has the opportunity to review sketches before painting begins. Toward the end of the process, we work together on the final touches. I want my clients to be completely satisfied with their painting — and then tell all their friends! If you like the painting style in my portfolio, I’m confident you’ll like your finished art.

Take another look at my Oil Portraits, Charcoal Portraits or Gallery Paintings.

Can you do a posthumous portrait?

Yes, for a posthumous painting, I must work from existing photos — preferably the more photos available the better. I then try to learn some of the history of the subject through the client, or other sources. For some compositions, I’ll use a live model to pose for body and clothing reference.

Are your portraits computer-generated or altered photography?

No, absolutely not. My paintings are original creations of paint and canvas or charcoal and paper. Although I do often work from reference photos, as well as life sittings,  the art is created the old-fashioned way.  You get rich vibrant original art work with life and texture that you can’t get with digital shortcuts.

How much time do you need to complete a commission?

The entire process usually takes between 4 and 6 months to complete. I make every effort to accommodate any deadline if possible, but portraits are not created overnight. The time required varies according to a number of factors which may include the following: client and/or subject availability, artist’s schedule, scope and size of the painting, and client requirements.

Of course the schedule can vary, so the best way to know timing for sure, is to contact me.

Is the frame included?

Ultimately, it depends on the agreement or sales details, however generally speaking it’s like this:

Oil portraits: The frame in not included in the quoted price.  I can purchase a frame for the client or work with them to choose a frame at additional cost.

Charcoal portraits: The frame is included in the quoted price unless specified otherwise. For charcoal drawings, I prefer to include a standard mat and frame. This way the delicate drawing is protected and can be enjoyed immediately. Of course, the client may always choose to reframe later if they like.

Gallery Paintings: Usually include a frame. The sales post should say either way.


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